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Improving the comprehension of my articles

A couple of weeks ago TJN quoted one of my articles and observed that my English is not perfect.


It is true. But I find it important to run my blog in English despite the difficulties to translate sometimes technical words, even more so, as I am no longer working in an English-speaking environment and I do not have a lot of time.


I know that in Luxembourg they enjoy picking up one detail out of the discussion such as an error, a bad translation or faulty grammar, blow it up into a major, major flaw, and use it as a demonstration that the whole study, argument, article is rubbish. Therefore they don't have to address the real issue anymore.


As I said, this is stupid as the issue remains and may explode later.


In the framework of an improvement process I managed to find readers that work in an English speaking environment to review the wording of some of the articles and improve clarity.


I hope that this improvement is somehow visible.

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You're doing just fine

You probably write English better than 95% of those who live in the UK

Pedants pick on trivia to divert attention from the real issues

Ignore them!


Posted by: Richard Murphy | 08/05/2009


Keep up the good work. I personally would struggle to come close to your ability to write understandable articles in English were I to try and do so in French.................let alone about the financie industry with all the technicla vocabulary involved.
As has been said your detractors are struggling to find fault with your argument and logic so by way of distraction they attack your English!


Posted by: CharlesOS | 08/13/2009

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