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The UK and France have released a declaration on global governance and development

The United Kingdom and France intend to cooperate closely to confront the political, economic and security issues of the 21st century. Pursuit of the reform of the governance of international institutions is a necessity if they are to be made more capable of meeting the challenges raised by international security and responding to the global economic crisis and under-development.

As far as financial centers are concerned there are a couple of paragraphs (keywords in bold):

France and the United Kingdom will also address the task of implementing the decision of the G20 concerning uncooperative jurisdictions and remain vigilant in ensuring that the 42 countries on the OECD “grey list” meet their commitment to apply international standards for the exchange of tax-related information. It is essential that we maintain the momentum set by the London Summit. We are therefore clear that where jurisdictions have not reached the standard of information exchange agreement by March 2010, they should be subject to coordinated international counter-measures agreed in London. Both our countries also stress the importance of combating tax evasion and undertake to combine our efforts to reinforce the coherence and effectiveness of international action in this domain. We agree that the threshold of 12 tax information exchange agreements should be seen as a starting point in the move towards greater tax transparency. If progress stalls we will expect the threshold to rise above 12, bringing those who have not made further progress back into the “grey list”. We will work together through the G20 to ensure that proposals are developed by the time of the next G20 Summit to ensure that developing countries can benefit from the new cooperative tax environment, including through a new multilateral tax information exchange agreement. We also call on the OECD to look at country by country reporting and the benefits of this for tax transparency and reducing tax avoidance.

The United Kingdom and France welcome the work underway to consider how the Global Forum on transparency and exchange of tax information can fully involve developing countries as equal participants and reform its governance, including to establish an effective peer review process to ensure effective implementation of the international standards, ahead of the Pittsburgh Summit. Successful development of this type of arrangement in the area of tax havens could provide a model for other areas where the OECD has a particular contribution to make to responding to global challenges.

France and the United Kingdom acknowledge the work undergone by the Financial Action task force (FATF) to revise and reinvigorate the process aiming at identifying uncooperative jurisdictions and call the FATF to proceed swiftly with its new review process in order to publicly name the jurisdictions that pose risks to the integrity of our financial system and apply counter measures where necessary.

The fight against non-cooperative jurisdictions should also encompass prudential regulations. We call on the FSB to swiftly assess jurisdictions against international supervisory and prudential standards and report back by September on their progress in identifying uncooperative jurisdictions.

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