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Thanks (Update)

I have reached a milestone in my studies about business ethics in the Luxembourg Financial Center, at a moment when most of its stakeholders finally seem to adhere, though reluctantly, to some of the ethical principles that I have always advocated. This requires that I thank those who encouraged these inedited studies in Luxembourg.


I would like to thank Bob Kneip, from KNEIP (formerly Kneip Communication). He is the one who is at the origin of my orientation towards the questions of CSR and ethics in Luxembourg. By his actions (see for example a conference that was given in March 2009)  he encouraged me a lot in my pragmatic approach, i.e. relating to matters of fact or practical affairs. 


I would like to thank the CRP Henri Tudor (which is not founder of the LIGFI, which is a good thing) and his Managing Director, who is retiring, which by refusing my project on ethics and CSR late 2004, made me start the studies with a freedom that I would not have had if deliverables had been subjected to validation at the CRP.

Should my project have been borne by the CRP, I would probably have produced politically-correct deliverables despite issues resulting from matters of fact or practical affairs not to worry nor to oppose the financial community.


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