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Courage or thoughtlessness (update)

The AFP reported that Prime Minister Juncker attacked the USA by saying "The G20 has no credibility as an undertaking if Delaware, Wyoming or Nevada or far-flung islands from the United States are not on the blacklist. If there must be a blacklist then, America should have its place on it."

It is true that the USA have their own tax havens that are not targetted by the Stop tax haven Abused Act. They definitely should be.

But Prime Minister Juncker forgets that his jurisdiction is not so targetted by the USA : it was not under the US Senate investigation on tax havens.

By acting like that Prime Minister Juncker could incitate the USA to investigate on the Luxembourg issues :
- Clearstream,
- the small number of criminal cases before the courts that is said "telling" for a jurisdiction that has such a large financial center (See the Narcotics Control Strategy Reports of the last years)
- ...

By the way, Minister Frieden ("peace" in german) went to the USA a couple of days ago.
By attacking now the USA Prime Minister Juncker reveals the weakness of Luxembourg as American people were not convinced.

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