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Madoff case and the crisis communication in the jurisdiction : Luxembourg better than Ireland

As I said in a previous article the Luxembourg regulator is doing a much better communication on Madoff than the Irish regulator in a context of both jurisdictions are in question because of their investment funds.

The feeling of this better communication on the Madoff case is confirmed by a google search on the keyword "Madoff" with site:.ie and site:.lu.

The result is today the following :

- site:.ie : 3 200 results for a country of 70 283 km² (+ 14 148 km² for Northern Ireland)
- site:.lu : 5 430 results for a country of 2 586 km².

In my opinion this may be an indicator that the debate on Madoff is more active in Luxembourg than in Ireland despite the wording of the law of transposition of the UCITS directive is morefaithfull in Ireland than in Luxembourg.

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