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FIU Annual report : many professionals do not do their duty

The CRF, the Luxembourg FIU, this week published its last annual report. The release was announced by the government and the IRE (the regulatory body of registered auditors) with no comments.
The Luxembourg Bankers’s Association, the ALFI and the CSSF did not communicate on the release of the report.

What the FIU wrote is interesting and demonstrates that some professionals do not do their duty, which is not a surprise when observing "red flags" of permissiveness and the trend to hush up issues.

Page 10

Declarations of suspicion from professionals in the investment funds industry are very rare, this despite the global economic evolution of the sector.

In other words the number should have been growing while the sector was growing.

The Chartered Accountants operated in 2007 some 18 declarations of suspicion i.e. 6 declarations moreover than in 2006.

Chartered Accountants did a good job.

The number of declarations operated by the “réviseurs d’entreprises” (i.e. the registered auditors) stagnated on a very low level of 4 declarations in 2007, for a profession that has several hundreds of members

Registered auditors are not credible in their declarations of suspicion. But it is true that reporting a declaration of suspicion definitely means loosing clients’ and probable prospects’ confidence, which is not compatible with the objective of growth as explained by the local leader audit firm.

Page 12

The spontaneous co-operation with the CRF on behalf of lawyers, notaries, real-estate agents, tax and realtors of great value was non-existent in 2007

Lawyers, notaries, real-estate agents, tax and realtors of great value do not care of their duty.

Page 14

As noted in the former reports, a great number of banks does not proceed if not very little to declarations of suspicion.
The causes of this phenomenon were not identified by the CRF which does not have competence to carry out systematic controls on the field in order to check the respect of their professional obligations by the banks not having declared a suspicion during the year under examination

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