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Offshore Tax havens wording translation

Tax Justice Network has designed a very interesting dictionary of Offshore Obfuscation. It's currently a very short dictionary, but they will be adding to it over time.

"We are not a tax haven" actually means "We are a tax haven, but don’t tell anyone"
"We offer agile and flexible / 'light touch' regulation" actually means "We offer lax / complacent regulation"
"We respect privacy" actually means "We will turn a blind eye to your dirty money"
"Tax-friendly" actually means "Friendly for us, but probably not for you"
"This should be regulated elsewhere" actually means "This will be regulated nowhere"
"We maximise our tax efficiency" actually means "We avoid tax"
"No tax was due, so no tax was avoided" actually means "We dodged the tax, so it was not due"
"We manicured our tax affairs" actually means "We evaded our taxes"
"We use innovative tax planning" actually means "You paid your taxes? Sucker!"

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