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Transparency International call G8 to monitor abuse through tax havens

G8 Leaders have committed to take steps to ensure that the global financial markets implement the highest international transparency standards and other measures to protect against criminal abuse. With ample evidence that the system is misused for corrupt purposes, the G8 must intensify efforts to promote greater transparency in cross border capital flows and to better coordinate controls to deter and detect the illicit transfer of funds through the global financial system.

Dishonest people and companies may still make money through tax havens.

G8 governments should accelerate implementation of their commitments to fighting financial crimes and money laundering and to ensure transparency in onshore and offshore centres by taking the following actions:
• Make tax evasion through offshore accounts a predicate criminal offence under relevant anti-money laundering law and make every effort to expose and prosecute such crimes;
• Promote international coordination to deter such crimes and to make the placement of illicitly obtained proceeds in offshore bank accounts as risky as possible;
• Call on the IMF, FATF and other international governmental organisations to publish information and assessments of countries’ compliance with antimoney laundering and transparency standards and require financial
institutions to take that information into account;
• Adopt stronger transparency rules for the global financial markets that effectively prevent the abuse of legal schemes (such as trusts, company services and foundations) for purposes of hiding illicit transfers of funds
across borders while still protecting legitimate concerns about privacy;
• Coordinate regulations to ensure that international accounting standards require disclosure of special purpose vehicles and other off book entities and annual reports of multinationals identify and justify strategies for transactions involving offshore centres; and
• Require greater transparency of asset-backed securities to prevent fraud; adopt and fully apply FATF anti-money-laundering requirements; and increase transparency of entities or funds (including hedge funds).

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