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Ethics is not a value for CEOs according to the last PwC Survey

PwC's 11th Annual Global CEO Survey examines how CEOs perceive the business environment in which they are operating, and how an increasingly connected world affects the way their companies function and achieve success. It also explores the impact of an increasingly connected world on the way in which companies work, grow, deal with risk and ultimately achieve business success.

When looking for some critical keywords relating to the reputational risk, it appears that some keywords are missing in the report : ethics, ethical, deontology. There are 3 times the word integrity and there are 13 times the word "compliance".

This word is a charade in financial institutions. When reading the Société Général's website it is stated:

At Société Générale, compliance is regarded as a positive factor that actively contributes to the expansion of the business. It is seen not so much as a series of constraints and restrictions, but rather as the concrete implementation of a set of values that need to be adopted by all the staff, whatever their level of responsibility.

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