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FATF : english version v. french version of the website

When looking the FATF website it is amazing to observe that the page for English-speaking visitors is not the same as one for French-speaking visitors.

Lasts events for English-speaking visitors:
- 24-Oct-2007 - FATF third mutual evaluation report of Finland adopted by the FATF plenary in June 2007.
- 15-Oct-2007 - Guidance Regarding the Implementation of Activity-Based Financial Prohibitions of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737

Lasts event for French-speaking visitors:
- 20-déc.-2007 - 18ème rapport annuel du GAFI - 2006-2007
- 16-oct.2007 - Lignes directrices relatives à la mise en oeuvre des interdictions financières liées aux activités couvertes par la Résolution 1737 du Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies

The web site is not controlled so money laundering is not controlled by the perfectible functioning of the FATF.

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