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CSR in Luxembourg : everything but ethics

It is very interesting to see what big four firms in Luxembourg say about CSR.

Ernst & Young



The most relevant page is the one of KPMG.

Fig four in Luxembourg and their clients in the finance industry have a restrictive definition of CSR that is limited to actions that are much more promotional actions (the logo, articles in the media).

"As far as the financial institutions are concerned, the issues in sustainable development are of two types.First,they have sustainable development problems they share with other companies;then they have particular responsibilities owing to the specific nature of their business.The responsibility of the financial players is of course to ensure that the financial circuits operate properly.However they also have a responsibility because of their influence on the way the economy works. Of all the economic sectors,the financial industry is that which has the biggest structural impact on the organisation and operation of the productive system as a whole". (Source: ORSE)

They do not focus on the key issues relating to CSR in a financial center as described by the ORSE.

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