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Luxembourg began with the cake

Since December 2005 I have been publishing on a regular basis on Luxembourg. I wrote a book in French the title of which is Vus, pas pris : essai sur les risques du monde des affaires au Luxembourg (Seen not caught : essay on the risks of the business world in Luxembourg). The book is sold online.

I have contacted many officials, politicians or professionals of the financial sector to work on public and official issues that weaken the credibility of the country and therefore its sustainable development as they are the visible part of the iceberg.

But issues officially do not exist in this country where everybody knows and support everyone for the growth and repudiate those who dare question.

There is like a "fuite en avant" (Flight forward) at a time when
1) the financial sector is no longer credible in its ethics compared to other centers despite a communication that will not change the facts that do not comply with statements for ethics or deontology,
2) the attractiveness for tax reasons (VAT) did not to last long.

It is not too late to change policies and behaviours: it depends on the political and professional will.

But there is no choice unless they want to be responsible for the collapse of the center.

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thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful...

Posted by: Whatever-ishere | 11/21/2007

Very interesting... as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

Posted by: Dog training | 11/23/2007

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