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re: The Auditors

Francine McKenna has twenty-plus years of experience in the professional services environment, including tenure both in the US and abroad at PwC, KPMG/BearingPoint, JP Morgan and Jefferson Wells/Manpower.
She has created a blog that focusses on auditors for the reader

- to know how big four firms especially really work, to understand the conflicts and inherent pressure that they are now under in the age of globalizaton and government regulation

- to understand the reasons why his (her) investment, his (her) employer, his (her) customer, or his (her)vendor "suddenly" collapses in scandal or bankruptcy without warning from the firms charged with seeing through the games that self-serving executives will play

- to learn more about the interconnectivity between the firms, their clients, and the other players in the financial markets - the regulators, the rating agencies, the lawyers, the consultants, the bankers and the politicians

- to enlarge his (her) perspective in an entertaining, surprising and, sometimes, unpredictable way

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