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Hobbs-Melville : confusion at the court of appeal

On 12th July 2006 the Monegasque Tribunal had found William Fogwell guilty of the charges against him in relation to the collapse of Hobbs Melville in 2000 and had sentenced to 5 years prison. He was also fined €500,000. Fogwell was not in court for the sentencing and an international arrest warrant was issued against him. He was a fugitive from justice. Shelley Fogwell, the 45-year-old daughter, was also convicted of fraud charges against her. She was sentenced to four and a half years in prison and fined €300,000.
Guillaume Losada, Shelley Fogwell's former boyfriend, and Jean-Christophe Moroni, a broker, were as well found guilty and jailed and fined €100,000. Patrick Grasset, another broker, was discharged and released.

The case is being judged at the court of appeal. William Fogwell surrendered a couple of days ago at the begining of the new trial. Both Fogwells and Jean-Christophe Moroni are appealing against their conviction of embezzling 175 million euros of investors' money. But there was a major dysfunction in the Justice of Monaco and the trial has been postponed by the court until 8 June. Lawyers on both sides are accusing the Principality of delaying the case deliberately, following suggestions that officials were aware of the fraudulent financial dealings

Know more (in French)

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I would like access to any past bulletins on the Hobbs-Melville case.

Many thanks,

Ivor Thomas

Posted by: Ivor Thomas | 06/20/2007

The other liar and crook in this swindle was X he made a deal with the dutch tax office but never served time even though he did people out of millions of dollarrs and robbed them of their life saving he is presently living in X in France. in case any body likes to pay him a visit.


I have replaced the name and the town in France by X. In the philosophy of this blog only public and official information is used.
I can't identify the individual unless there is an official source that demonstrates what is said above by the author of the comment.

Jérôme Turquey

Posted by: jon stadman | 03/04/2008

Mr Sadman,
You should think, if you like, about the following:
Some men / women are called ‘typical bully types’; all full of themselves when they are winning and lashing out at others when they are losing; it is their fault when they are right and someone else's when they are wrong".

These men usually ‘got egg on their face’ because they have been involved themselves and like the proverb says: "One, who lives in a glass house, shouldn’t throw stones on his neighbors’ roof".

Posted by: Quixote Wind | 04/23/2008

The other crook who never served any time is living high and dry in France. in Holland where he is from you can do people out of millions of dollars without any problems no jailterm or punishment but if you drive 5 km over the speedlimit they will haunt you around the world.
Where is the justice?

Posted by: jon stadman | 08/17/2009

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