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EU Financial Services Recent Initiatives, Remaining Obstacles and Future Opportunities

Over the past few years, the financial, monetary and banking fields have become some of the most fundamental and rapidly changing within the EU legal corpus. Indeed, the introduction of the euro has facilitated a greater efficiency in the functioning of financial markets and the legislative program established by the Commission’s 1999 Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP) added to this creation of a true European reflex. In addition, new legislative priorities were announced in the 2004 report on the FSAP and, during the course of last year, the Green Paper on Financial Services (May 2005) launched a debate on these priorities. As a result, the recent White Paper (December 2005) has come to mark the steps still to be taken to build a real European integrated capital market. Within this context, this seminar will provide a forum of discussion and exchange of views on the state of progress of a number of legislative measures within this area (the achievement of Single European Payments Area, measures on the completion of financial retail and wholesale market, initiatives in the fight against financial crime, etc.), their status of implementation and potential future initiatives.
The seminar will bring together high-level experts, practitioners, and other interested professionals in a forum designed to facilitate the exchange of views and to offer the opportunity to raise and answer critical questions of participants as well as speakers.
The seminar is aimed at EU officials, national civil servants, lawyers and other professionals, in particular from private banking and financial institutions or public authorities and bodies in these sectors, as well as others whose work deals with the addressed aspects of the EU acquis.

The seminar will take place in Luxembourg on 16-17 November 2006.

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