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Declarations of suspicion

When looking at the governmental website, it is stated in a pages called " The fight against money-laundering " that the Principality is fully aware of the necessity of combating this. The following stats are given : the progression in the number of declarations of suspicion recorded by SICCFIN, have increased from 58 in 1999 to 34 for just the first 4 months of the year 2000, engendering numerous requests for investigation, in addition to the exchange of information with TRACFIN and other foreign organisations.

The increase took place at the time of the visit of the French MPs. No more recent stats are unfortunately provided on the website. Nevertheless the SICCFIN report 2004 is available with recent stats :
- 2000 : 210
- 2001 : 307
- 2002 : 275
- 2003 : 254
- 2004 : 341


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