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KPMG's Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2007: how banks are facing up to the challenge

KPMG's second global anti-money laundering survey looks at how banks around the world are approaching AML. It also focuses on the specific issues facing banks in the various geographical regions and, where appropriate, compares the findings with the 2004 survey.

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US National Money Laundering Strategy for 2007

The American National Money Laundering Strategy for 2007 breaks new ground in two important respects: it responds directly to the unprecedented U.S. interagency Money Laundering Threat Assessment completed in December 2005, and it focuses exclusively on deterring money laundering, independent of efforts to combat the financing of terror. Money laundering, in its own right, is a serious threat to the US national and economic security. Integrating illicit proceeds into the financial system enables organized crime, fuels corruption, and erodes confidence in the rule of law.

"Countries with lax AML regulation and enforcement pose a national security threat to the United States by providing a safe haven for criminal enterprise"

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In todays global economy, terrorist financing and money-laundering have assumed heightened importance.
Money-laundering and the financing of terrorism are global problems that threaten the security and stability of financial institutions and also lead to undermining economic prosperity. A lot is being done in order to combat money laundering at the global level.
goAML is a UNODC response to combat money-laundering. It is an intelligence analysis system intended to be used by the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit). The FIU (Financial Intelligence Units) have a big role to play as they have access to financially related information that provides a base for financial investigations. An FIU is responsible for receiving, analysing and processing reports required from financial institutions or person referred to in national anti-money-laundering legislation.

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