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Havens for Tax Evasion

The New York Times has this week published a letter from Robert M. Morgenthau, District Attorney.

"The economically developed countries need to impose severe sanctions on the tax havens and those who use them to unfair advantage. As recent history confirms, totally unsupervised markets will eventually have serious problems, with ripple effects for markets worldwide"

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Guidance on Capacity building for Mutual Evaluations and Implementation of the FATF Standards Within Low Capacity Countries

The FATF recently published a brochure to support low capacity countries (LCCs) in implementing the FATF standards in a manner reflecting their national institutional systems in a way that is consistent with the ML/FT risks they face and that take into account their limited resources.

Read FATF publication

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List of tax havens

Reuters has put online a list of tax havens that compile lists from the OECD, the US Stop Tax haven abuse act, the IMF and Tax Research.

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The OECD has the most lax criteria to determine wether a country is a tax haven or not.

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