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TJN letter to the Pittsburgh G-20 summit

With the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit rapidly approaching, TJN-USA have submitted a letter to the Co-Chairs of the G-20 Working Group Two (on reinforcing international cooperation and promoting integrity in financial markets).



TJN highlights 3 key next steps:


1. Automatic Information Exchange (AIE).

2. Combating Global Corporate Tax “Avoision.”

3. Another Vital “Toolbox” -- the Global Haven Industry.


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International efforts to combat tax evasion are gathering strength

The OECD posted a video on YouTube.

International efforts to combat tax evasion are gathering strength, as more and more countries agree to provide foreign tax authorities with banking information on suspected tax dodgers. Pascal Saint-Amans of the OECD explains the process and looks at next steps.

I wonder what is his opinion about the iniquitous censorship of the Cercle de Cooperation in Luxembourg that would never ever has taken place in a jurisdiction that deserves being called a democracy that admits watchdogs?

This censorship is telling of the reality of the commitment.


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Discrepancy at the OECD

On 31 August 2009, the OECD issued its Tax Co-operation 2009: Towards a Level Playing Field – 2009 assessment by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information. This is the fourth annual assessment of progress being made towards greater transparency and information exchange in the area of taxation.


The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information, which includes both OECD and non-OECD economies, has since its creation in 2000 worked to improve transparency and establish effective exchange of information.

The report highlights the progress on international co-operation in tax matters made up to 31 July 2009.


It states its page 19 that "seven countries that currently appear in the progress report as having substantially implemented the standard are not considered to have substantially implemented the OECD standard of exchange of information in this report. These are the following (the figures in brackets indicate the number of agreements each has signed with OECD countries): Bahrain (5); Barbados (2); Belgium (7); Luxembourg (9); Mauritius (4); the Seychelles (1); and the United Arab Emirates (8)"

In other words the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information does not agree with Angel Gurria on the substantial implementation.
The same Angel Gurría that stated at the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information (Mexico, 1-2 September 2009) that "the work of the Global Forum is not finished. The almost universal acceptance of the standards must be followed by their effective implementation and operation. I mentioned before, there are still some countries that committed long ago, and have not delivered. Time is running out"

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